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  • Artist(s)Hammerfall
  • Support(s)Orden Ogan - Serious Black
  • GenreHeavy/Power Metal
  • Date20/01/2015
  • LocationTrix - Zaal (Borgerhout)
     Noordersingel 28-30, 2140 Borgerhout
  • Doors19:00
  • Hour19:45


Stand for powerful, majestic and melodic heavy metal. Memorable choruses, straight and heavy riffs, thundering drums, pounding bass power and outstanding vocals will without any doubt become the metal hymns for eternity. These seasoned musicians have become one of the leading and most successful metal acts of our time. Their unstoppable creations reigned in a time when none cared about classical Heavy Metal, and without a doubt they have and will always deserve credit for keeping the heavy metal genre alive.

Hammerfall will perform at TRIX on January 20. Orden Ogan & Serious Black will open for them.

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