Paradise Lost

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06 Oct 2015


20:00 - 23:00


[email protected]

British gothic metal band Paradise Lost was formed in 1988 when vocalist Nick Holmes, guitarist Greg Mackintosh, rhythm guitarist Aaron Aedy, bassist Steve Edmondson and drummer Matthew Archer joined forces. In 1989 the band landed a record deal with Peaceville Records and their self-title debut album was released in 1990.

For their second album “Gothic” they moved away from the death doomy sound of the previous releases by adding keyboards and female vocals. In 1992 their third album “Shades of God” followed and is considered by many as their most successful record to date. By 2012 another ten albums followed.

Now the band is returning with a new installment “The Plague Within”, which will be released at the beginning of June. Following the release of the album, the band will be hitting the road. Catch them at Trix Club on October 6.


The event is finished.

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