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27 Sep 2017


18:45 - 23:55



Doors : 18u30

Fight The Fight: 18u45 – 19u15

Suicidal Angels: 19u35 – 20u15

Satyricon: 20u45 – 22u45 

 On september 27th the kings of Norwegian black metal, Satyricon, are coming to Biebob for a club show.

In 1991 Satyricon was formed in Oslo, Norway by it’s 2 core members Satyr and Frost. With their first three records the band truly captured the spirit of  the Norwegian black metal style. Since their 4th album on the band also included classic heavy metal elements in their music.

Currently Satyricon is working on their ninth studio album , which will be out on 22 September 2017, just in time for their show at Biebob!

The event is finished.

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