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Cookies Policy

Live Nation BV is under a legal obligation to give information about and ask permission for the use of cookies. If you accept the use of cookies you should experience no problems when visiting our site.

We use functional cookies as well as cookies for the management of web statistics and social media. The cookies do not collect personal information and therefore do not permit the identification of individual users.

Your internet browser settings can be modified to block cookies, to be notified when cookies are installed or to remove cookies from your hard disk. Please refer to the Help section of your internet browser for more details.


  • saving preferences such as language, location, etc.
  • saving the settings for optimum (media) reproduction e.g. screen resolution
  • reading your browser settings for an optimum reproduction of our site on your screen
  • used for load balancing in order to keep the website accessible at all times


  • monitoring the number of visitors + recording the amount of time each visitor spends on the individual pages
  • determining the order in which a visitor views the various pages of our site
  • determining which sections need adjusting in order to optimise the website


This site contains link buttons so that the images, clips and articles from this website can easily be shared on social media. To make these buttons work, we use cookies from the social media so they will recognise you when you want to share information.
For the cookies placed by these social media and all data they may collect in this manner, we refer to the relevant declarations on their website. Keep in mind that these declarations are frequently amended and that we have no influence on their content.


Live Nation BV works with third parties to be able to offer certain content and functionalities. These include YouTube videos, Facebook & Twitter links and cookies for online advertising agencies.
When the cookies, pixel tags or web beacons are accepted, we can use certain (anonymous) data that have been collected to display targeted advertising messages or have them displayed on our site, third party websites or social media.


We sometimes have little control over what types of cookies third parties place on our website. This is most notably the case when these web pages contain so-called embedded elements; these are texts, documents, images or clips that are contained on a different website but displayed on or through our website.